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Social security card will be a unified national identity card number

In the future, will be a unified national social security card: ID card number will serve as a social security card number, life-long, cross-regional transfer of employment barriers to social security is expected to continue to be resolved. According to the Social Security Bureau, Chengdu, said in July this year, the National Standardization Management Committee issued a national standard "social insurance core business data quality standards," the official launch of the development work, including Chengdu, IESS, including eight units were approved to participate in drafting the The "national standard." 
It is understood that the State Department who unified this year is expected to issue 600 million social security card, replace social security card around the home-made. By then, the situation in Chengdu will start work to upgrade social security card, social security card replacement is currently being carried out in Chengdu research, is expected by the end of the formation of the first draft. The social security card are now the provinces, cities and states made, the color of card, card number digits are not the same. Social security information to end this national network, follow the transfer is a big obstacle. IESS, the official said Chengdu, Chengdu, in the drafting of the development of "national standard", the purpose is to achieve standardization of the management of social security information, social security card is the most obvious features of uniform, as long as the standard uniform, and social security information on the national network, in any country place, a social security card can query to any social security information, and easy to use. 
Accordance with the requirements of "standard" came out, China's social security card will be unified throughout the country, since the number is no longer there, all with a personal identification number to participate in social security coded to facilitate mobility. Social security card to achieve national unity, national general, the insured's insurance information necessary to the national network. Chengdu IESS, the official said, including the insured's age, payment amount, pension, life insured core business data will be incorporated into the national network, which will help the insured in the country's regional employment , follow the transfer of social security. The responsible person said, with "national standard", the data for unified model. By recording, tracking, insured complete and accurate standard data, the real social security services "record life, service life, tracing his life."
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