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Watchdata new integration solutions to help move the bank IC card

September 2, 2011, Beijing - the world's data security solutions provider Watchdata in the financial sector, with its unique multi-application integration solutions, has successfully short-listed in the China Construction bank credits IC card project. CCB as the first large scale migration of the financial IC card project, Watchdata successfully nominated, indicating the financial IC card Watchdata the field of advanced technology strength and innovation. 
The short-listed CCB Watchdata credited IC card project mainly due to grip odd field in the financial IC card has a complete solution. The program not only offers a variety of products and services, but also innovative use of multi-application integration technology to allow customers the flexibility to choose to promote more value-added services space; while Watchdata end of the financial IC card services, rapid technological response and support services to a large extent won the customer recognition. 
Successful applications from a strong technical support: Watchdata in the field of financial IC card is its biggest advantage of all of products and services offered are self-developed, can be very flexibly to the be customized to user needs; IC card different from the traditional magnetic stripe cards, with higher security and greater storage space, Watchdata ability to support the development of bank customers to extend the application without technical constraints; also developed Watchdata personalized application management system that can effectively protect the domestic financial IC card bank successfully completed the migration. 
. "Bo Concept and about to take, thick and thin of plot", Watchdata multi-application integration solutions in many foreign countries have been successfully applied in 2009, Watchdata traffic operations with Singapore Business EZ-LINK, Singapore DBS Bank and Visa jointly issued a TimeCOS CeWave "triple play" IC card, the cardholder can be realized to carry a credit card, financial and transportation payments micro-payment capabilities. The card supports standard credit card and Visa's VSDC PayWave contactless payment standards, while achieving a contactless bank card, contactless card function and transport EZ-LINK card three functions. The program in March 2010 received the smart card industry in the Asia-Pacific region the highest award the "Asian sesame Award." Subsequently, the solution was United Overseas Bank (UOB), OCBC Bank (OCBC), Citibank (Citibank), NETS and other uses and get recognized by customers. 
Currently, Watchdata has found PBOC2.0, Visa, MasterCard, JETCo standard products, is the first certified by Visa and MasterCard's smart card manufacturers, is the only qualification with MasterCard certification of local enterprises.
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