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Coated Overlay Films(Normal Ink)

Name:coated overlay films(normal ink) 
Item NO.:PVC-B-PC 
Sphere of Application:
B-QU coated overlay films are mostly used for cards printed with Non-UV ink like water-proof printing ink, silkscreen ink, etc.
Manufacture Method:
1,Put printing core and two overlay together, then put into the laminator, the temperature is determined as per the instruction of the machine , Pls be noticed that all glue sides of both pvc sheets and overlay are put inward.
2,The lamination usually lasts 10-15minutes ,The pressure is 6-8Mpa, The temperature is 120-140℃
3,Cut the card
Size and Packing:
Always be in 0.08XA4 size
100 pcs/bag and 40 bags/box
Special order of size and packing can be told us directly.
The obility of fellow products:
high initial stick force(reaches to 4-5N/CM)
The rustiness is slow
color inhibition, not easy to change shape while lamination, easy to use with a smooth surface
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